We deliver expertise you can trust.
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One of the top accounting firms in Toronto

Yes, we’re a one-stop shop providing accounting, tax, bookkeeping, payroll and advisory services. 

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we provide services to clients from across Ontario and the world. Find out More

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We have programs tailored specifically for your businesses

At Zen Tax, we understand that accurate and efficient accounting is the backbone of every successful organization. With over 30 years of experience in the field, our dedicated team of partners, managers, CPAs, and bookkeepers brings a wealth of knowledge and a modern approach to every financial challenge.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, whether they are burgeoning startups, established corporations, governmental bodies, or discerning individuals seeking personal financial advice. 

Beyond numbers and reports, we understand that at the heart of accounting lies the trust and confidence you place in us to manage your financial affairs. This responsibility drives our commitment to excellence and integrity in all our services. Let Zen Tax be the cornerstone of your financial strategy, and together, we will chart a course towards sustainable growth and profitability.


Their unparalleled expertise, visionary guidance, and unwavering commitment have shaped Zen Tax into a leading provider of tax and financial services. Meet the dynamic individuals who drive our success:

Dmitry Benedict PARTNER at Zen Tax bookkeeping & accounting company in Toronto

Dmitry Benedict

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Anastasiia Akimenko

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Olga Krachkovskya

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Oleksii Popov


We deliver the Accounting Services you depend on

From the intricacies of tax planning to the day-to-day essentials of bookkeeping and payroll, our experts bring precision, efficiency, and strategic foresight to your financial landscape. 

Why Choose Zentax as Your Toronto Accounting Firm?

Tailored Financial Architectures

We construct personalized financial frameworks suited to your specific business landscape. Our services are like finely tuned instruments, crafted to harmonize with your company's rhythm.

Real-Time Financial

With Zentax's cutting-edge analytical tools, you gain access to real-time financial insights. Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data and forward-looking analysis, keeping your business agile in a fast-paced economic environment.

Proactive Compliance Vigilance

Our proactive approach to compliance keeps you several steps ahead of regulatory changes. Stay compliant with real-time updates and strategic advice that navigates the complexities of financial regulations.

Sustainable Growth Planning

Our financial planning isn't just about the present; it's about paving a path for sustainable growth. Zentax's strategic planning services help you forecast future scenarios, prepare for potential challenges, and capitalize on opportunities for expansion.

Strategic Tax

Zentax's tax strategists employ innovative methods to optimize your tax position. Leveraging deep industry insights and legislative knowledge, we work tirelessly to identify savings and credits,

Dedicated Advisory Partnership

Zentax believes in building a partnership that goes beyond the numbers. Our team becomes an extension of yours, offering dedicated support, advice, and financial mentorship. We invest in your success as if it were our own.

Featured Industries
We Serve

We believe in growing with our clients and offering tailored solutions.



Real Estate Investors

Startups and Small Business



Manufacturing & Construction

Government Organizations

The majority of our clients stay with us long-term due to our availability, transparent pricing and quality of service in addition to our evolving knowledge of tax laws.